Glow colors in Epoxy

Glow colors. epoxy table phosphorescent colors. Treesten

Glow colors in Eoxy

Humans have always been interested in light; Especially since the discovery of fire and the production of light at night, lighting at night and light radiation became more important. Early humans were always curious and interested in fireflies and various stones that emit light in the dark; to discover the secret of this light. Luminous or phosphorescent colors have a unique and special property, and because in terms of chemistry and stability, phosphor has the ability to absorb and receive light, and when the light is off and in the dark, it emits the received energy in the form of light and shines; It has made these colors still very popular. This light in the dark can be strong and bright or weak depending on the type of fluorescent color. For example, in the color with a very pale green tone, it emits the strongest light in the dark, and in other colors, this emitted light is less. After green, blue, orange and red colors are less powerful in light radiation. Before 1990, due to the presence of radioactive substances in this type of paint and its dangerousness, its use was less. But after that, scientists were able to create a safe compound by combining aluminum oxide with phosphorus, which has the same energy absorption and light radiation in the dark and is completely harmless. Because this material alone has little stability, it makes a more stable combination with epoxy and resin materials. Fluorescent colors are available in powder and liquid form. And mostly it is in the form of white powder that only has different colors and this powder can be combined with a kind of transparent epoxy. The combination of these materials can be used in the production of resin products such as decorative ornaments and the construction of walls, tunnels, roads and paths. In addition, it gives a special effect to the interior decoration of houses in the manufacture of resin furniture and tables.

Glow colors. epoxy phosphorescent colors. Treesten

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