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Epoxy Table | Custom River table and Ocean Table | metal leg | 100% Handmade Natural Table #TR101

SKU: DTR-TC331-16

* The most complete color palette in +150 metallic and Pigment epoxy resin colors
* Ability to select table Legs from 12 models without changing the amount
* Free shipping to all countries and 24/7 support

29.547,00193.697,00with legs

Items available:22
100 x 50 cm coffee table 39″x19″ | 100 x 50 CM
110 x 60 cm coffee table 43″x23″ | 110×60 CM
130 x 60 cm coffee table 51″x23″ | 130×60 CM
150 x 70 cm dining table 59″x27″ | 150×70 CM
180 x 80 cm dining table 70″x31″ | 180×80 CM
210 x 100 cm dining table 82″x35″ | 210×90 CM
235 x 100 cm dining table 92″x40″ | 235×100 CM
250 x 100 cm dining table 100″x40″ | 250×100 CM
270 x 100 cm dining table 106″x40″ | 270×100 CM
290 x 100 cm dining table 115″x40″ | 290×100 CM
Rounded 24″ | 60 CM
80 cm Round table Rounded 31″ | 80 CM
100 cm Round table Rounded 40″ | 100 CM
120 cm Round table Rounded 47″ | 120 CM
150 cm Round table Rounded 60″ | 150 CM

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Epoxy Table

Epoxy River tables and ocean tables are the main products of Treesten Factory and all our products are quality guaranteed.
These products have gained many fans in recent years and one of the biggest advantages of these products is their uniqueness and naturalness.
River tables and Ocean tables are made of natural trees and bring positive energy from the heart of nature to your home.
Also, by combining epoxy resin with natural wood.
it creates an extremely beautiful and unique view.
The natural table is definitely the preference of many people around the world.
everyone likes to use tables that are from nature instead of using oil and plastic products.

All the products we produce are 100% customized and at the customer’s request.
In fact, everything in our store is customizable

Epoxy River Table & Ocean Table are usually vulnerable and need maintenance like any other type of equipment.

In addition to after-sales service to customers, we cover the table with a layer of anti-scratch crystal varnish.
This will prevent the table from possible damage and unwanted scratches (spoon and fork).
We will also have a clearer appearance at the end
This will make the table last longer.
This product, under the approval of the Ministry of Health, protects you and your family from the possible.

  • Epoxy Table
  • Ocean Table
  • River Table
  • Special Design
  • Sun Design
  • Bedroom Set
  • Epoxy Clock
  • Epoxy Mirror
  • Epoxy Dining Table
  • Epoxy Coffee Table
  • Epoxy Table Top
  • Epoxy Bar Top

Epoxy Table Size

Epoxy Table Standard Size

For the epoxy Table & benches, we have standard sizes for each product and there are even products that are manufactured and ready to ship.
You can choose from these sizes and if the size you want is not on the list, you can contact us by any means of communication.

Custom Size

Tables have no limits for size and appearance for personalization.
we can produce any model of table with any size, legs, and table shape for Epoxy River Table & Ocean Table.
To do it, just contact us through one of the communication methods to get a quote for your requested size in less than 5 minutes.

Table Legs

We have 12 models of legs that you can choose from, that is, you can choose the legs and customize them as well.
If the legs you want are not in your standard legs list, you can send us the picture of the legs you want.
that our sales experts can quote it for you.
The legs can also be wooden or metal, and there is no limit to this


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