Type of woods

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Type of woods:

Wood is a manifestation of nature; which has been used in human life since the beginning of life to build housing, heat and cook food. The trees of these standing capitals in nature, which have played an effective role in the survival of this planet and have contributed greatly to the biological ecosystem, have always played a key role in our lives.

According to the type of use, the woods are divided into two types, soft and hard. To make wooden items, the wood is always dried in the oven to destroy the organisms and worms in the wood.

After this stage, the wood is covered with a layer of protective material to protect the wood in order to prevent the entry of harmful insects. Excellent quality woods in two types of walnut wood and olive wood, which are among the most used woods in Treesten company’s products.

Walnut wood is one of the hardwoods with high density. Olive wood, which has a variety of shapes and wood designs, helps the beauty of production items. These two types of wood are mostly used in making all kinds of furniture, cabinets and tables.

This company is very careful about the quality of wood used in wooden items. From every number of wood stored and finalized for production, a number is randomly selected and approved by an experienced expert. To ensure the health of the wood. For each product, a wood sample is selected by a skilled carpenter and designer, which varies according to the dimensions of each product. In the tables, after the completion of the mold, the designer sends each wood mold to the customer to know about the initial mold. Customers can comment on the template. Flexibility in production is one of the most important customer-oriented aspects of this team of Treesten Company.

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